Arterial diseases

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PEMF therapy is an effective way to prevent and treat many illnesses and medical conditions without pharmaceuticals

Arterial diseases affect can affect the arteries any where in the body, and when this happens the oxygenated blood is unable to reach its destination, this can cause a lot of problems depending on the severity.

The job of the arteries is to carry oxygen and nutrient rich blood from the heart to all other parts of the body, the blood then helps take carbon dioxide and other toxins away from soft tissue and organs to disposed of. When the arteries become blocked for whatever reason the blood is unable to successfully complete this process problems arise. Regular use of PEMF therapy increase circulation and blood oxygenation helping reduce arterial disease.

Arterial diseases

Narrowed arteries due to the build up of plaque (atherosclerosis), diabetes-related vascular damage, and inflammation of the inner walls of arteries all lead to blood clots that may clog an artery or be embolized in the direction of blood flow.

How PEMF therapy helps

Regular application of PEMF therapy results in the following: an increase in the distance a patient is able to walk without feeling pain in the limbs affected by poor blood flow (this pain is called claudication, and it often occurs in patients with diabetes and/ or blocked femoral arteries caused by atherosclerosis), improved results of positional testing, alleviation of pain, increase in skin temperature, improved blood supply, reduced coagulation of blood, higher amounts of oxygen in tissues, and accelerated healing of skin defects caused by poor nutrition and/or blood flow. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and may prevent amputation in patients with diabetes.

Treatment area: Whole body

With a maximum magnetic field induction of 40mT or 400 Gauss this system has the power to deliver results

To treat arterial diseases, it recommended to use the full body PEMF therapy applicator, this stimulates the entire cardiovascular system and increases blood circulation from head to toe.

The best set would be the Siecco, which is featured here.

The full length bed applicator (like all applicators) is made of soft faux leather and is comfortable yet durable.

The Siecco set

The SIECCO PEMF therapy set includes pemf mat – a large bed CASSO applicator and a small flat MANIC applicator.

The size of the CASSO applicator predestines it for overall regeneration. Placed on it one can use healing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and blood circulation improvement effects of its low-frequency pulse magnetic field literally from the head to the toe.

CASSO is designed to generate an evenly distributed magnetic field across the applicator area, which provides sufficient treatment to every part of your body.

Because of they way PEMF therapy works, the fact it is non-invasive and is a drug free treatment it works very well used along side other “alternative” therapies. In most case PEMF therapy can also be used alongside current or prescribed medication but you should always check with your health care provider before commencing treatments.

This 2017 study shows the positive impact of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy being used alongside therapeutic ultrasound in patients recovering from arterial disease.

The Siecco PEMF set from Renaissance® contains a full length PEMF mat for complete body treatments and the small Manic applicator for targeted application for regeneration of organs, smaller joints, and cervical spine. The Manic can also be used to treat urinary and reproductive system problems as well.

Siecco set

The Siecco set is currently on sale

PEMF therapy has been proven to help with the following

  • Pain relief including arthritis, headache and migraine, toothache and much more

  • Improved sleep
  • Oxygenation of the blood stream and better circulation
  • Reduced stress and aid relaxation
  • A boosted immune system
  • Recovery from injury and operations
The Casso Applicator

This shows the lines of magnetic field produced by the Casso applicator.

It allows for increased blood flow through the whole body

The Manic applicator - Click to expand

This shows the lines of magnetic field produced by the Manic. The Manic produces a very intense magnetic field and is perfect for targeted application.

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field. Devices and equipment that use PEMF technology send out electromagnetic waves at different frequencies to stimulate and encourage the body’s natural recovery and healing process. Depending on the area of the body and what the process is treating, depends on the frequency range.

Put simply the human body is made of trillions of cells, cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. The cells in body are continually vibrating but when they become old or damaged this movement slows down and the ability to function properly is reduced. The electromagnetic field produced by PEMF therapy stimulates cells and encourages the Vibration in them to speed up. In turn the body feeds the cells nutrients and the cells are repaired.

One of the greatest advantages of magnetotherapy is that it is natural, and therefore not addictive, unlike many pharmacological treatments

Pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy is successfully used in fields such as internal medicine, orthopaedics, sports medicine, balneology, rehabilitation, paediatrics, geriatrics, dermatology, neurology, dentistry, urology, and in veterinary medicine. PEMF for tinnitus relief, PEMF for pain reduction and fibromyalgia. PEMF therapy to relieve arthritis and gout symptoms. Nice care Sell PEMF therapy in the UK

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