PEMF therapy – The complete health care system

The Siecco complete health care set from Renaissance

This PEMF therapy set comprises a full-length bed applicator and small pad

The primary functions that this system provides are:

∗ Detoxification.

The removal of toxins is an important function of PEMF therapy.

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PEMF therapy supports metabolism. It also increases blood supply, resulting in more efficient elimination of metabolites and toxic agents and their discharge from the body. An increased intake of oxygen to tissues as well as support of the lymphatic system detoxicates organism, helping it to eliminate metabolic wastes, drug residues, and other toxic agents ingested in food and while breathing.

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∗ Reducing inflammation

This is key to fighting any disease or illness. PEMF therapy is natural, safe and effective way of achieving this.

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Inflammation can occur in almost any soft tissue in the body. This can be as a result of injury or accident but also a sign of illness and disease such as arthritis. Inflammation can be indicative of illness and can cause swelling, pain and fatigue. PEMF therapy works on a cellular level to regenerate and repair increasing blood flow and oxygenation and also remove toxins and inflammatory fluids.

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∗ Strengthening the immune system

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Daily PEMF therapy regeneration sessions can aid immunity, while direct application to the Thymus in a specific treatment will strengthen your immune system and normalizes its function. The result is a considerable proportion of patients suffering from a variety of diseases experience improvement in their condition.

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∗Pain relief

Alleviation of pain is among the most significant effects of magnetic therapy. 

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While its mechanism of action has not yet been determined (possible because each person perceives pain differently), it is known that magnetic therapy affects free nerve endings. These are endings which send pain signals and affect how these signals are processed in the spinal cord. Therefore, magnetic therapy should be applied both to the painful body area and the respective spinal cord segment constituting the source of innervation – a patient suffering from pain in the lower limbs should apply magnetic therapy to the lumbar spine while a patient with pain in the upper limbs should also stimulate the region where the cervical spine transforms into thoracic spine.

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∗ Increased blood circulation and oxygenation

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This helps with fatigue, better nutrient intake and accelerated healing. This function will also tackle blood disorders such as venous diseases accompanied by swelling and formation of blood clots and inflammation of veins associated with risk of a thrombosis and subsequent embolism.

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∗ Relaxation and sleep disorders

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Many people find meditation or yoga on their PEMF mat beneficial as it brings harmony to whole body.

Successful management of somatic and mental problems (such that may interrupt healthy sleep patterns) are pivotal to eliminating sleep disorders. Pulsed magnetic therapy promotes correct blood circulation in the brain, a prerequisite that must be met to ensure uninterrupted sleep. Application of magnetic therapy also stimulates the brain to increase its production of endorphins (referred to as “feel-good” chemicals), making treatment of mental disorders easier. Magnetic therapy is to be applied, on an as-recommended basis, to the head area, cervical spine as well as the back and all other painful segments of the body

The Renaissance user manual is a complete guide to all the conditions that can be treated with this complete health care system

The Duo Forte Generator that comes with every Renaissance PEMF therapy set has the following specifications

∗ Guaranteed frequency range
2–72 Hz

∗ Maximum magnetic field induction
40 mT (400 Gauss)

Based on over 25 years of research by Renaissance these parameters are perfect for healing, regenerating and repairing soft tissue.

∗ Daily use of PEMF therapy can have many positive effects on the body and can be incorporated into any fitness or wellness regime.

∗ Improved blood circulation and oxygenation along with a reduction in inflammation generates energy and vitality

The Siecco PEMF set from Renaissance® contains a full length PEMF mat for complete body treatments and the small Manic applicator for targeted application for regeneration of organs, smaller joints, and cervical spine. The Manic can also be used to treat urinary and reproductive system problems as well.

Siecco set

The Siecco set is currently on sale

Set Siecco includes:

  • a flat applicator MANIC, dimensions: 170 x 210mm
  • CASSO – pemf mat applicator for PEMF, flat type, size 550 x 1800mm
  • a two-output pulse generator DUO FORTE
  • power supply (rated 100-240v)
  • a magnetic field tester
  • a user’s manual, information and picture guide
  • a quality case to safely store and transport the device

How PEMF therapy works

Every part of the body is made up of cells, trillions of cells make up a person. Each cell is like a tiny battery or power unit working away to keep the body healthy and strong. When these power units get old or damaged, they stop working in an efficient way, they are unable to charge properly. The cells cannot absorb nutrients and oxygen (fuel) correctly and they can’t remove toxins or carbon dioxide (waste/exhaust) and so become clogged and unable to fully charge.

PEMF therapy sends pulsed electromagnetic waves through the soft tissue and stimulates the cells, so the cell membrane becomes more permeable, able to charge and remove waste, providing the parameters of the electromagnetic wave are set correctly. These parameters are, magnetic field intensity (Gauss), frequency and the shape of the wave itself. Every program on the Duo Forte Generator (controller that comes with every set) has been specially tailored to interact with the desired soft tissue in best way possible to maximise the results and provide lasting repair to the body or part of body that is being targeted.

This PEMF therapy complete health care system is also ideal for:

Sports persons – Accelerated recovery post workout, training, performing and injury.

Construction workers or manual handlers – Physical work can take its toll but help is at hand

Female reproductive and urinary systems – Often inflammation is the cause of many problems which makes PEMF therapy the ideal choice

Recovery from illness – In many cases PEMF therapy can speed up recovery from many conditions and injuries.

Tinnitus – We have had much success treating tinnitus. Given the fact tinnitus is considered a chronic condition this is even more remarkable.

The Siecco PEMF therapy set

The complete care system

Regeneration, improved blood circulation, better sleep, pain relief and healing, all in one product

Complete with small pad for targeted application

Our best selling PEMF therapy set.

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How PEMF therapy works
Regenerates damaged and old cells
Ensures cells can absorb nutrients
Allows the body to detox from impurities
Reduces swelling and water retention
Our full-length bed invigorates the whole body
Improve your health
Download the user guide for more details
inside a cell

Pulse low-frequency electromagnetic fields have a positive effect on the biochemical and biophysical reactions in cells and improve cell membrane permeability. Cells are then better supplied with vital substances. What magnetism means is live energy, which powers vital processes in the body. It is a natural biological method that represents an effective alternative to the present overuse of pharmacological treatment.

The size of a CASSO applicator makes it an ideal choice for whole body regeneration. This is the largest “bed-type” applicator. It is suitable for whole body regeneration.
Enjoy the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and blood circulation enhancing effects of this low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy device from head to toe.

This magnetic therapy set includes a large “bed-type” applicator CASSO
and a small flat applicator MANIC.

The Casso Applicator

This shows the lines of magnetic field produced by the Casso applicator.

It allows for increased blood flow through the whole body

The Manic applicator

This shows the lines of magnetic field produced by the Manic. The Manic produces a very intense magnetic field and is perfect for targeted application.

Today, treatment using electromagnetic fields – PEMF therapy, is considered in professional circles to be one of the safest and most effective physical therapeutic methods. It is often referred to as “therapy for the 21st century”. However, this means not just using simple static magnets, but also highly effective electrical low-frequency pulsing magnetic fields. The therapeutic and regenerative effects of electromagnetic therapy had been used until recently mainly in clinical practice in hospitals and professional rehabilitation centres. Today, partly thanks to many years of experience as well as research and development by the manufactures, PEMF therapy is also available for home care.

When you purchase a Renaissance complete health care system from Nice Care you get quality and affordability.

Please take your time to read about what the Renaissance brand means and know you can be confident about making the right choice.

From Renaissance

Long and strenuous research had to be carried out before Renaissance magnetic therapy sets entered production. The result is magnetic therapy that fulfils the requirements of both professional and home use. It provides efficiency and is very simple to use during home application and for the purposes of self-therapy.

Tradition since 1995: production, research, development.

∗ We have been carrying out research and developing and producing complete Renaissance devices since 1995. Our company can address the needs of our clients both in terms of the number of devices we can produce and by offering complex advice and consulting services related to use and application of magnetic therapy. You can rely on us.

Made in the Czech Republic

∗ Renaissance products are, in their entirety, manufactured in the Czech Republic to be subsequently distributed to the whole world. Over twenty thousand satisfied customers

from the Czech Republic recommend Renaissance magnetic therapy products. The manufacturer has been a proud member of the Association of Manufacturers

and Suppliers of Medical Devices existing under the aegis of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.


∗ Applicators used with Renaissance magnetic therapy devices are hand-sewn in our own sewing workroom. They are designed to withstand frequent and long-term abuse. Their surface is easy to wash. And their production quality has been acknowledged by users and manufacturing process professionals.

For both home use and professionals

∗ Renaissance magnetic therapy devices have been used, on a daily and long-term basis, by professionals in many hospitals, private healthcare facilities, physical medicine and rehabilitation centres and other specialized facilities. They are regularly used by doctors, physiotherapists, and masseurs as well as in wellness and fitness centres. Many of them are currently being purchased to be used at home, where they help individuals and whole families to deal with a range of health issues as well as during convalescence and recovery. Magnetic therapy devices are also often used for preventative reasons. In addition, Renaissance devices are sought after by sportspeople and may also be used to efficiently treat animals.

A product for the whole family

∗ When used at home, Renaissance magnetic therapy devices offer a wide variety of applications. They can be used to treat a number of health issues, improve mobility, alleviate pain, improve physical condition, boost immunity system, and accelerate healing processes and make them more efficient. Additionally, the devices may be used for preventative purposes as well as to help you to relax. Magnetic therapy can be enjoyed by children, adolescents, adults, and elderly people. And your pet can experience its positive effects too.

Life-long care guarantee

∗ We offer all our clients professional maintenance services throughout the life of the machine. Additionally, we are happy to advise you free of charge whenever necessary as well as refer you to a medical doctor to answer your questions.

We represent quality

∗ The best way to demonstrate quality of medical equipment is to show it really works. We have received many recommendations from our satisfied customers. Our magnetic therapy devices boast exceptional quality and reliability. Renaissance products’ high and certified quality has granted the brand a key position on the Czech, Slovak as well as other markets in and outside Europe.

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The Siecco PEMF set from Renaissance® contains a full length PEMF mat for complete body treatments and the small Manic applicator for targeted application for regeneration of organs, smaller joints, and cervical spine. The Manic can also be used to treat urinary and reproductive system problems as well.

Siecco set

The Siecco set is currently on sale

Disclaimer: These pages outline how PEMF has helped many people and health issues. This does not prove that others would have the same results. Our products are designed to promote health and wellness and not to diagnose, treat or prevent specific medical conditions, for which you should see a doctor or health care professional. This information has not been evaluated by the US FDA or UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency. While we try to keep it up to date and correct, we give no guarantees of any kind about its completeness, accuracy, or suitability.

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