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Please read through the frequently asked questions list to find answers you may need. Our full brochure is available from the downloads page and has more information.

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There is a flat rate to the USA. All other countries please enquire with the items you want delivered and your location and we will be happy to provide a quote. See terms and conditions for full details


We offer a 14-day money back guarantee starting from when you receive your goods. All Renaissance devices have a 2-year warranty again faults and a lifetime manufacture guarantee that they will repair any item for a fee for the lifetime of the product. See terms and conditions for full details.


Renaissance devices have a maximum magnetic field induction of 40mT or 400 gauss.

All technical information can be found in the Duo Forte user manual. Section 9.2 onwards.

Is PEMF safe?

Yes, Renaissance have conducted and researched 1000’s of cases studies and tests to conclude that PEMF therapy is safe. The range of products on the Nice Care website are the work of 25 years in the magnetic therapy industry, and this latest range is now 4th generation. Results may vary from person to person and in some instances PEMF is not suitable. Please refer to page 77 in the online brochure for more information and read fully the instruction PDF for full information

Is PEMF treatment suitable for everyone and when should it not be used?

Please read this section carefully

In most cases PEMF therapy is suitable. Its advisable to consult your doctor or health care professional before starting any wellness program. Patients with sensitive electronic equipment such as cardiac pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators etc should not use PEMF.

Pregnant women should not use PEMF therapy.

Patients suffering from haemorrhage should not use PEMF as magnetic fields increase blood circulation in tissues which may, in some cases exacerbate the problem.

Patients with neurological disorders accompanied by seizures (e.g. epilepsy), anyone suffering a fever, patients with tumours or who have had cancer surgery and those on chemotherapy or radiotherapy should consult a doctor. As should anyone with serious mycotic (fungal) diseases, infectious diseases with body temperature exceeding 38c. Patients with a cochlear implant and patients with hyperfunction (increased function) of endocrine glands. More information is available on page 77 of the online brochure and contained within the instructions which should be read in full before any treatment is administered.

How often can I use PEMF treatment?

PEMF treatment can be used every day, for those with no specific condition or those not used to the effects of PEMF it is recommended to be used once a day. For specific conditions or those who are used to the PEMF twice a day is fine. Although not detrimental to health, exceeding three times day will yield no additional benefits and, in some cases, cancel out positive effects.

Are there any side effects from PEMF?

There are specific recorded side effects from PEMF therapy. At the beginning of a treatment program it is common to feel like you are getting worse. This will stop withing 3 -5 days. It is the body getting used to the PEMF and a rebalancing of internal frequencies.

Are Renaissance devices safe?

Yes, Renaissance devices are very safe, they have been rigorously tested and meet all the necessary European safety standards.

How long do treatment programs using PEMF last for?

For pain relief the effects should be noticeable after the first treatment and can be used for the duration of your discomfort. For specific aliments up to and over four weeks would be considered normal. Remember this is a non-evasive treatment without pharmaceuticals. It is a gentle process for regeneration and repair of cells. This process takes time but is the best for your body.

A daily regeneration program is recommended for overall wellbeing if no specific treatment is needed.

Can PEMF fight COVID-19?

PEMF is proven to boost immunity and wellbeing which can help the body be less susceptible to illnesses and viruses. Being a new virus there is no evidence to suggest PEMF therapy can fight COVID-19 or viruses generally as it is not a condition specific therapy.

Can I use PEMF with my current medication?

If you are currently taking medication it is always advisable to let your doctor know that you are using PEMF. In most cases there should be no adverse effects.

Can I use PEMF if I am pregnant?

Caution is highly advised if you are pregnant. Although there is no specific evidence PEMF can cause negative effects.

Can I use PEMF if I have a pacemaker or other heart conditions?

Patients with sensitive electronic equipment such as cardiac pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators etc should not use PEMF.

Can PEMF help treat ADHD?

Many case studies have been produced regarding the positive effects and treatment of PEMF on both children and adults. A twice daily R1 – regeneration program (duo fore generator) regime is recommended to produce notable results.

Can PEMF be used to prevent and treat hair loss?

Case studies have shown that continued use of PEMF treatment over a 36-week course has positive effects on the prevention of hair loss and regrowth in both men and women. PEMF has general regenerative effects at the cellular level. Although the duo forte controller does not have a specific program directly for this diagnosis a regeneration program could help with this problem.

Where is Renaissance equipment manufactured?

Renaissance equipment is entirely designed and produced in the Czech Republic, a country that is renowned for medical innovation and leads the way in health care.

What is the enclosed tester for?

The tester is provided to ensure the applicator is working properly. Once a selected program is running hold the tester in your hand. If it gently vibrates that is a clear indication everything is working properly.

Can I use my laptop or mobile device while using PEMF equipment?

Yes, you can use computer or other electronic devices while PEMF is running. The only caution should be with the tester. Do not place sensitive electronic devices near the tester.

I feel unwell after my treatment

It is perfectly normal to feel somewhat drained after a treatment. When your body is not used to PEMF it can have the same feeling of getting out of a hot bath or heated pool, this is also called the spa effect. It is a sign that the magnetic therapy is having a positive effect on the body and balancing your natural frequencies.

What guarantees do Nice Care products have?

Renaissance guarantee all products for 2 years. If you have any issues, please contact customer service and we will ne happy to get any faulty equipment replaced in this time.

How can I maximise the results from PEMF therapy?

Like any form of therapy or treatment the effects can be enhanced by taking certain lifestyle changes. The reduction of tobacco and alcohol along with a balanced diet including fresh fruit and vegetables will help. If possible regular exercise and movement will aid recovery.

What happens after the treatment session has finished?

Once your session has finished you can carry on as normal. It is however advised especially when you are new to PEMF, to wait a few minutes before getting up to allow any light headedness clear. Also drinking a glass of water after treatment will aid any health benefits.

Is PEMF suitable for children?

The effects of PEMF on children and adolescence has been researched and the same positive effects adults receive from treatment can be achieved to children as well. This can include better sleep, greater concentration, reduced stress and anxiety and overall wellbeing. Programs for children should start on low setting as gradually increase as the child gets used to the PEMF treatment.

When should PEMF not be used or medical advice sort?
    1. Patients with a cochlear implant may not apply magnetic therapy to head, neck, or upper torso
    2. Patients with hyperfunction (increased function) of endocrine glands do not apply magnetic therapy devices to the respective area.
    3. Patients diagnosed with a tumour, patients who have had a cancer surgery, and patients on chemotherapy or radiotherapy should consult their physician prior to application.
    4. An infectious disease during which body temperature exceeds 38°C (100.4°F).
    5. A doctor’s consent is required in patients with active tuberculosis.
    6. Patients with neurological disorders accompanied by seizures (e.g. epilepsy) should not apply magnetic therapy devices to the head area (unless a neurologist recommends otherwise).
    7. In patients with serious mycotic (fungal) diseases.
    8. Combining magnetic therapy and radiotherapy is not recommended.
    9. In patients who use sensitive electronic equipment such as cardiac pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, etc.
    10. In pregnant women. Although there is no evidence magnetic field negatively affects pregnant women or unborn children, caution is highly advised.
    11. In patients suffering from haemorrhage. Magnetic field increases blood circulation in tissues which may, in some cases, exacerbate the condition.
    12. If you have any questions related to pulsed magnetic therapy treatment, please, consult your physician!

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