Yoga and meditation

PEMF therapy creates balance in the body. Perfect harmony between man and nature, mind and body working as one. This is how yoga is described. Mindfulness, awareness, and focus are a simple way of describing meditation. So how does PEMF therapy fit into these to mind and body practices?

Daily PEMF therapy can complement yoga and meditation because of the benefits it provides the body.

  • Increased circulation and oxygenation of blood stream
  • Enhanced muscle function – A decrease in tension and reduction of pain caused by muscle spasm
  • Stress reduction – Daily PEMF therapy use aids in washing away the negative effects natural stress has on our bodies.
  • Improving nutrient intake – better liver and nerve function
  • Increasing energy and reducing pain
  • improving sleep and helping the body to relax
  • PEMF therapy is great for the detoxification and helping the body rid itself of impurities

Full body PEMF therapy sessions are design to fire up every cell in the body. This happens by increasing oxygenation in the blood stream, this in turn provides oxygen to the cells. They call for nutrients from the body and produce energy. Improved circulation and blood flow and vital immunity boosting T-cells and overall body and brain function. PEMF therapy is a safe and effective way to heal and promote wellness.

The full-length mat is perfect for use with meditation session

– By sending pulsed waves of low level electro-magnetic field frequencies into the body PEMF therapy simulates natures grounding abilities creating relaxation and recovery from the inside out.

– PEMF therapy recreates the frequencies found in nature and in the body itself, creating perfect harmony

– It is perfect for strengthening the immune system, muscle recovery, providing energy and balancing the central nervous system

The set shown above is the Siecco set. It comprises of the Casso, a full lenght PEMF  mat, and Manic applicators. These two powerful applicators provide either full body treatments or targeted area treatment for specific ailments. All sets come with duo forte generator which has regeneration and pain relief programs and over 100 present programs for specific conditions.

PEMF therapy - safe and effective

Decades of research have shown positive results from the use of PEMF therapy.

Download our brochure for an in-depth view of our product range.

The Siecco PEMF set from Renaissance® contains a full length PEMF mat for complete body treatments and the small Manic applicator for targeted application for regeneration of organs, smaller joints, and cervical spine. The Manic can also be used to treat urinary and reproductive system problems as well.

Siecco set

The Siecco set is currently on sale for £1495 was £1995






PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field. Devices and equipment that use PEMF technology send out electromagnetic waves at different frequencies to stimulate and encourage the body’s natural recovery and healing process. Depending on the area of the body and what the process is treating, depends on the frequency range.

Put simply the human body is made of trillions of cells, cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. The cells in body are continually vibrating but when they become old or damaged this movement slows down and the ability to function properly is reduced. The electromagnetic field produced by PEMF therapy stimulates cells and encourages the Vibration in them to speed up. In turn the body feeds the cells nutrients and the cells are repaired.

One of the greatest advantages of magnetotherapy is that it is natural, and therefore not addictive, unlike many pharmacological treatments

Pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy is successfully used in fields such as internal medicine, orthopaedics, sports medicine, balneology, rehabilitation, paediatrics, geriatrics, dermatology, neurology, dentistry, urology, and in veterinary medicine. PEMF for tinnitus relief, PEMF for pain reduction and fibromyalgia. PEMF therapy to relieve arthritis and gout symptoms. Nice care Sell PEMF therapy in the UK

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