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PEMF therapy is an effective way to prevent and treat many illnesses and medical conditions without pharmaceuticals

Many illness and medical complaints are characterised by pain and inflammation. Multiple studies show that the key benefits of PEMF therapy are to reduce inflammation and pain without medication although in most cases PEMF therapy can complement any medication.

So how can PEMF therapy help with the symtoms of endometriosis? Lets find out…

Endometriosis effects the pelvic tissue including the ovaries, this is a complex syndrome which is an estrogen-dependent chronic inflammatory issue with pain being the most common symptom, this becoming much worse and intense during the menstrual cycle. Infertility is associated with the condition along with pain during urination, bowel movements and intercourse, excessive bleeding during or between periods, nausea, constipation, bloating, tiredness, and diarrhea.

Caution – Magnetic therapy is only to be applied when a woman is not bleeding. The magnetic field increases blood circulation in tissues which may, in some cases, exacerbate this.


This is a disease in which a specific cell type, which is normally only found in the endometrium, is also present in other places where it is not desirable; these include e.g., the ovaries, fallopian tubes, gastrointestinal tract, and bladder area. These cells behave in the same way as those in the endometrium – they swell and try to peel off on a monthly basis, causing internal bleeding (accompanied by pain) which may even bring about infertility.

How PEMF therapy helps

PEMF therapy has analgesic properties, reduces the size of affected areas, and normalizes immune system indicators. The result is areas affected by the disease as well as problems gradually disappear. Make sure you consult your medical specialist regarding the use of magnetic therapy in your case. Also, ensure you get a medical check-up regularly!

Make sure you consult your medical specialist regarding the use of magnetic therapy in your case.


Treatment area loins and lower abdomen Treatment time is 30 minutes –                       Duration of treatment: Daily

Treatment run time: 30 minutes

Frequency range: 6 Hz. 14 Hz. 22 Hz

10+10+10 minutes

Renaissance recommend the Casso and Manic applicators found in the Siecco set

The Duo Forte Generator (the controller that comes with every set) has a specific setting endomertriosis

With a maximum magnetic fired induction of 40mT or 400 Gauss this system has the power to deliver results

What PEMF device should you use to treat endometriosis? 

A full length PEMF therapy mat. This can be found in the Siecco set shown below.

More information on Endometriosis can be found by following these links. We have also included some publications from the National Institute of Health (NIH) showing how PEMF therapy has helped with pelvic pain and associated issues.

PEMF advisor https://www.pemfadvisor.com/pemf-therapy-and-endometriosis/


https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31949970/ Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy as a Complementary Alternative for Chronic Pelvic Pain Management in an Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome Patient

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/7531030/ Electrochemical therapy of pelvic pain: effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) on tissue trauma

The Siecco PEMF set from Renaissance® contains a full length PEMF mat for complete body treatments and the small Manic applicator for targeted application for regeneration of organs, smaller joints, and cervical spine. The Manic can also be used to treat urinary and reproductive system problems as well.

Siecco set

The Siecco set is currently on sale

Key features

Siecco set

Casso applicator

Full size mat in 5 sections -  size 550 x 1800mm

Weight - 5980 grams (5.98 kg)

Manic applicator

Small pad - size 170 x 210mm

Weight - 455 grams

Maximum magnetic field induction

40 mT or 400 Gauss

guaranteed frequency range

Between 2-72Hz

Impulse waveform


Applicator material

Soft fax leather - Durable and easy to care for

Set comes complete with

Duo Forte Generator - see chart below
Strong carry case
Power adaptor
User guide
Magnetic field tester

Areas this set can treat

Full body - Head - Organs - Hands - Back - Torso

Major benefits

Improve blood circulation and oxygenation

Problems with organs including urinary and reproductive system

Inflammation reduction

See user guide for full details

The size of a CASSO applicator makes it an ideal choice for whole body regeneration. This is the largest “bed-type” applicator. It is suitable for whole body regeneration.
Enjoy the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and blood circulation enhancing effects of this low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy device from head to toe.

This magnetic therapy set includes a large “bed-type” applicator CASSO
and a small flat applicator MANIC.

Click to find out more or buy

According to official figures about 1.5 million women (or 10%) in the UK suffer with Endometriosis which suggests this a common disease. It is then staggering to think that the average diagnosis from onset of symptoms is 8 years

It is estimated 30-50% of those suffering from endometriosis will be affected by infertility.

Here are some other uses of the Siecco set.

For a complete list of conditions and how the Siecco set can help please download the user guide here ←

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Massage – PEMF therapy has muscle relaxant effects and also improves blood flow in muscles.

Arterial diseases – Improved results of positional testing, alleviation of pain, increase in skin temperature, improved blood supply, reduced coagulation of blood, higher amounts of oxygen in tissues, and accelerated healing of skin defects caused by poor nutrition and/or blood flow.

Asthma (bronchial asthma) – Regular application of magnetic therapy reduces the frequency of occurrences, improves spirometric parameters (spirometry measures lung function),

Atopic dermatitis – subsidence of swelling, alleviation of pain (if any), acceleration of healing, and shortening of the amount of time necessary for a patient to recover.

Back and spinal pain – PEMF therapy has dramatic analgesic effects but also improves mobility and elimi- nates painful muscles spasms (sudden involuntary contractions) that affect the muscles along the spine.

Cellulite – PEMF therapy increases intake of oxygenated blood, washes away metabolites and harmful substances, and accelerates elimination of excess subcutaneous fat and fat deposits.

Diabetes – Long-term application may show preventive effects against complications of diabetes such as blood vessel and nerve damage in lower limbs (diabetic foot) and retinal damage.

Detoxication – PEMF therapy supports metabolism. It also increases blood supply, resulting in more efficient elimination of metabolites and toxic agents and their discharge from the body.

Haemorrhoids – If a patient is suffering from external haemorrhoids, PEMF therapy helps to prevent thrombosis and inflammation. A magnetic field also reduces swelling, facilitates healing, and contributes to regression of haemorrhoids.

Herniated disc – PEMF therapy alleviates sharp, shooting pain and helps to reduce swelling of the affected nerve tissues. It also ensures relief from painful spasms of the surrounding muscles, making it possible for rehabilitation to be more intensive and effective.

Inflamed colon, Crohn’s disease – PEMF helps the body to fight inflammation, normalizes the immune system, and boosts recovery.

Inflammation of the ovaries and of the fallopian tubes, urinary tract, vagina and vaginal discharge – PEMF therapy has strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Also, it improves drug penetration to the affected tissues as well as shortens treatment length.

Lyme disease – PEMF therapy has proved highly successful in treating this disease. It is one of the few treatment methods that reduce inflammation as well as relieve long-lasting pain due to neuropathy and/or joint damage.

Migraines – PEMF therapy normalizes blood circulation and boasts strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Osteoporosis – PEMF therapy is one of the most successful methods to treat osteoporosis. Its application harmonizes creation and reabsorption of bone tissue, contributing to more stable bone tissue structures as well as normalization of mineralization of bone tissue.

Postmenopausal syndrome – Application of PEMF therapy contributes to a more balanced hormonal activity of the ovaries and thereby mitigates the problems stated above.

Shingles (herpes zoster) – Pain subsides quickly; anti-inflammatory effects of PEMF therapy translate into nerve inflammation resolving sooner. Treatment also stimulates the body’s immune system, helping the body to recover from the disease.

Unspecified pulmonary diseases – PEMF therapy reduces the frequency of attacks that occur in patients with asthma, improves results of spirometry tests, and makes it easier to cough up phlegm.

Venous diseases – Regular application of PEMF therapy achieves reduction of swelling, an increase in the amount of oxygen in arterial blood and its more effective absorption in tissues, accelerated tissue repair resulting in the arteries being unclogged, a decreased tendency to form blood clots

The Casso is a full-length applicator that provides treatment from head to toe.  You can also wrap the Casso around the body to create an intense treatment to the torso, abdomen and hips.

The Casso Applicator

This shows the lines of magnetic field produced by the Casso applicator.

It allows for increased blood flow through the whole body

The Manic applicator - Click to expand

This shows the lines of magnetic field produced by the Manic. The Manic produces a very intense magnetic field and is perfect for targeted application.

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field. Devices and equipment that use PEMF technology send out electromagnetic waves at different frequencies to stimulate and encourage the body’s natural recovery and healing process. Depending on the area of the body and what the process is treating, depends on the frequency range.

Put simply the human body is made of trillions of cells, cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. The cells in body are continually vibrating but when they become old or damaged this movement slows down and the ability to function properly is reduced. The electromagnetic field produced by PEMF therapy stimulates cells and encourages the Vibration in them to speed up. In turn the body feeds the cells nutrients and the cells are repaired.

One of the greatest advantages of magnetotherapy is that it is natural, and therefore not addictive, unlike many pharmacological treatments

Pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy is successfully used in fields such as internal medicine, orthopaedics, sports medicine, balneology, rehabilitation, paediatrics, geriatrics, dermatology, neurology, dentistry, urology, and in veterinary medicine. PEMF for tinnitus relief, PEMF for pain reduction and fibromyalgia. PEMF therapy to relieve arthritis and gout symptoms. Nice care Sell PEMF therapy in the UK

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