Open gardens are great way to get close to nature wherever you live

There are many beautiful gardens up and down the UK that will be open throughout the summer and we recommended you that you support your local garden wherever it maybe.
Visit the national garden scheme to find your local garden
One of our favourites is in Muswell Hill, North London.
Susan Bennett and Earl Hyde work tirelessly to keep this garden in tip top condition, not to mention the delicious cakes they always have. As with all these events kids are free. So please get out there this summer to show your support.

Alan Titchmarsh marks 50 years in gardening by moulding Beethoven’s hair at Muswell Hill home


This lovely article from the Ham & High 2015 gives a little glimpse into this treasure of a garden and the wonderful people that open it up every year for the community to enjoy

The spring has been nice and warm so far…

Now we need just a little rain to help the garden grow

We are blessed to have so much space to grow our own fruit and veg. Lets have look at how things are going

Dispite the green fly it looks like we’ll have a bumper crop of apricots this year.



Sweet peas are coming along nicely

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