Fixing that bad back, an alternative treatment

Various types of magnetic and electromagnetic fields are now in successful use in modern medicine. Electromagnetic therapy carries the promise to heal numerous health problems, even where conventional medicine has failed. Today, magnetotherapy provides a non invasive, safe, and easy method to directly treat the site of injury, the source of pain and inflammation, and a variety of diseases and pathologies. Millions of people worldwide have received help in treatment of the musculoskeletal system, as well as for pain relief. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are one important modality in magnetotherapy. Recent technological innovations, implementing advancements in computer technologies, offer excellent state-of-the-art therapy.

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In the old days back pain and problems were simply called lumbago. A one size fits it all diagnoses for many nonspecific back problems. Nowadays the understanding and treatment is much more advanced as physicians and practitioners understand how complex the back can be.

The back is a complex array of structures that work together to support your body. These can be divided into four distinct regions. Cervical spine, thoracic spin, lumber spine and sacrum and coccyx. Then we have actual parts of the spine and back.

  • Vertebrae – The small interlocking bones that form the spinal column and protect the spinal cord.
  • Spinal cord – long bundle of nerves that run down the back and carries nerve signals from your brain to your body and vice versa.
  • Intervertebral discs – A cushion disc that lies between the vertebrae that act like shock absorbers and allow the spine to move in many directions.
  • Ligaments – short bands of fibrous and tough connective flexible tissue that hold the vertebrae in place.
  • Tendons – cord of tissue that links muscle to your bone.
  • Muscles – The tissue and fibres that support your spine and upper body and help you move.

When one or more of the above parts fail we have a problem, this can be localised in a certain spot or can be very general and radiate out affecting other parts of the body such as legs, shoulders, buttocks and stomach, and for many this can be debilitating, cause intense pain, reduce or movement and lead to time off from work.

Four out of five people will suffer with back pain and problems during their life, so this really can affect anyone but there are certain factors that will increase your chance of having back pain and associated problems. Fitness level and being overweight major contributing factors along with spending too much time being inactive and sitting. Genetics can play a role along with age and certain jobs carry a higher risk factor. Its not just manual jobs this applies to, if you have a desk, you job you can also fall into this category, poor posture, or uncomfortable chair.

Back pain (like most other pain related problems) can be described in the following way. Acute pain, which comes on very quickly but only last a few days or weeks. Subacute pain that can come on suddenly or over a few days and last for several weeks. Then finally chronic pain, again this can come on suddenly or over time and last for months

Compared with placebo, there was a beneficial effect of PEMF therapy on pain, stiffness, and physical function in patients with osteoarthritis. Duration of treatment may not be a critical factor in pain management

Taken from a 2020 study into the use of PEMF therapy on pain, stiffness, physical function and quality of life in patients with osteoarthritis.

Finding an alternative

We want to find a way to fix our back problems without continually taking painkillers and where possible avoid surgery. Like everything in life, prevention is better than cure. So, maintaining flexibility, not sitting to for too long especially on sofas and chairs that over little lower back support, yoga is great for improving core strength and regular (once a month) massage can prevent tension from building up. For maintenance PEMF therapy can help. Daily use improves circulation and blood oxygenation, this in turn fights against inflammation and improves the suppleness of bones, joints and muscles.

OK, you thought you were fit and active and your back has given out anyway, what now? If we are going to avoid pharmaceuticals and surgery, combining alternative therapy treatments is a good idea but using pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy as a base treatment is preferable due the healing properties it holds.

More information on using PEMF therapy to treat back and spine problems can be found here: Nice Care, Back problems.

Alternative treatments such as PEMF therapy prove very effective in recovering from back injury, pain, and surgery.

This is done in three ways:

– Firstly, PEMF therapy has strong analgesic properties that mean it will relive pain, it can be used by itself or in most cases alongside current medication (please check with your doctor).

– Secondly PEMF therapy reduces inflammation, this is key to recovery from illness, injury, and disease generally and this applies to back related pain and problems.

– Thirdly, PEMF therapy works on a cellular level, this means that applied properly and regularly to the problematic area it will begin to repair and regenerate the damaged soft tissue and, in many cases, if treatment is started early at the onset of pain and stiffness it could negate the need for surgery.

Now, may of you reading these statements will be sceptical, especially if you’ve never heard of PEMF therapy before. I have provided a few links to clinical trials and studies in this article and through the linked pages you will find other studies that show the positive and definite benefits of PEMF therapy.

Some reading this will know of PEMF therapy and may have used it before, some with success, and some without. Two of the most popular brands on the market that provide a mat system are OMI and Bemer. The cart below shows how the Renaissance PEMF system compares to its leading market rivals.

The important thing to note is the intensity or maximum magnetic field induction measured in milli Tesla or Gauss. The Renaissance system has the power to actually penetrate deep into the soft tissue you are trying to heal.

*400 Gauss is the maximum magnetic field induction produced by the Duo Forte Controller and can be decreased in increments of 10%

*Special programs have been programmed to interact with the chosen soft tissue perfectly as to obtain the best results possible

*Although a specific frequency can’t be set our healing programs are shown in table 2.

*Our PEMF therapy mat set comes with a smaller pad for targeted application, there are 4 more applicators in the Renaissance range.

*The information above has been provided by Nice Care and is believed to be correct at the time of writing. Nice Care nor I take responsibility if this information is not accurate and we advise you always do your own research.

The beautiful thing about using a PEMF therapy mat system to heal a back injury is not only will it speed up recovery of the back problem but all other cells and soft tissue that are subject to the electro-magnetic field will be stimulated as well. The whole area will have better blood circulation and oxygenation, you are improving the function and nutrition intake of the whole area and potentially fixing problems you never knew you had.

Very few psychotherapists, osteopaths etc we know have knowledge of, or would even think of recommending PEMF therapy, even as a complement to the work they do. I guess once you’re on the books of your favourite therapist they don’t want to lose you. They keep adjusting, manipulating, and releasing but never actually curing. Surly you want to be fixed right?

Before I started using PEMF therapy my daily walk has been reduced 20 minutes from the pain in my hip arthritis and osteoporosis in my lower lumber. I used the Renaissance mat daily for 8 weeks and in that short time my mobility has improved no end. After a long walk, sometimes hours the only thing left aching are my feet.

Mrs T - 73 from North London

Thanks for taking the time to read my poor back.

Remember, keep moving and keep strong.