Reproductive and urinary systems

We recommended two different sets for urinary and reproductive system problems.

The first is the Siecco set. This is our best product and comes complete with a full length bed applicator and smaller Manic applicator which is perfect for intense treatments of individual  areas and organ care.

The size of a CASSO applicator makes it an ideal choice for whole body regeneration. This is the largest “bed-type” applicator. It is suitable for whole body regeneration.
Enjoy the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and blood circulation enhancing effects of this low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy device from head to toe.

This magnetic therapy set includes a large “bed-type” applicator CASSO
and a small flat applicator MANIC.

The other set we recommended is the Primo-M set. This contains the Manic applicator only.

PRIMO M set, which includes the Manic applicator, designed to be used for intensive highly targeted therapy and regeneration of various organs and tissues.


PRIMO M set also efficiently treats haemorrhoids and prostate issues and is excellent for targeted regeneration of liver, stomach (gastric ulcers), and other internal organs.

The Manic can also be used to for Reproductive and urinary system problems can be solved including Inflammation of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and urinary tract as well as uterine inflammation and endometritis

The information below is taken from the user manual which is available to download from the download page. Here we will take a closer look at many different problems that can happen with the reproductive system. fertility and breast feeding solutions can be on another page

PEMF therapy is a gentle, safe and non-evasive way to care for your body. It is easy to use and provides a better way to wellness

Inflammation of the ovaries and of the fallopian tubes

Inflamed ovaries and fallopian tubes might result in adhesions that obstruct the passageway and eventually cause infertility.

How PEMF therapy helps

PEMF therapy has strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Also, it im- proves drug penetration to the affected tissues as well as shortens treatment length. The result is decreased risk of chronic inflammation, adhesions and infertility. Also, your menstrual cycle normalizes.

Treatment run time: 30 minutes

Frequency range: 3-6 Hz. 11-13 Hz. 17-20 Hz

Inflammation of the urinary tract

In addition to having analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, pulsed magnetic therapy also accelerates repair of membrane tissues, ensuring quick elimination of burning when urinating. There is also increased drug tissue penetration, which contributes to such medication being more effective.

Treatment run time: 40 minutes

Frequency range:10 -12 Hz there and back – 22 Hz

Inflammation of the vagina and vaginal discharge
Inflammation of the external female genital area.


How PEMF therapy helps

PEMF therapy boasts anti-inflammatory effects and reduces swelling, congestion (localized increase of blood in a tissue), and itchiness. Moreover, the effect of antibiotics is strengthened, and recovery time shortens.

Treatment run time: 30 minutes

Frequency range: 12 Hz

Uterine inflammation and endometritis

 Inflammation of uterus and of endometrium with a variety of causes.

Application of magnetic therapy results in quick subsidence of inflammation and alleviation of pain. Menstrual cycle as well as results of laboratory tests normalize, and risk of infertility is decreased.

Treatment run time: 30 minutes

Frequency range: 14 Hz. 22 Hz

Gynaecological surgeries

Of all the positive effects of magnetic therapy, it is its analgesic properties as well as its ability to reduce swelling and improve microcirculation that are the most significant as far as post-surgery processes in the lower pelvic area (such that involve scarring) are concerned. If treatment takes place before and after surgery, the wounds heal considerably faster and both swelling, and inflammation-related complications are prevented.

Treatment run time: 40 minutes

Frequency range: 5-8 Hz there and back. 10-13 Hz There and back

Cervical erosion

A small abrasion with a clear border that is situated on the surface of the cervix. Magnetic therapy significantly accelerates recovery and reduces healing time. We recommend you combine it with vaginal douching.

Treatment run time: 30 minutes

Frequency range: 12 Hz. 13 Hz


Magnetic therapy has muscle relaxant effects and improves blood flow in muscles. Its application is recommended before a massage as it makes it possible for a physical therapist to stimulate effectively a wider range of muscles including the deep muscles. Also, an after-massage boost of blood circulation and the lymphatic system ensures acidic metabolites are washed away more quickly, kickstarting whole body recovery.

Treatment run time: 30 minutes

Frequency range: 2-35 Hz

Painful, irregular menstruation


Disorders (of a variety of origins) related to menstruation as well as the period of time before and after it.

How PEMF therapy helps

PEMF therapy is only to be applied when a woman is not bleeding. It boosts recovery and boasts analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, relieving menstrual cramps and eliminating irregular periods in up to 95 % of women. Application should be regular and long-term (for a minimum of 3 months).

Treatment run time: 40 minutes

Frequency range: 5-8 Hz there and back. 10-13 Hz there and back

Key features

Siecco set

Casso applicator

Full size mat in 5 sections -  size 550 x 1800mm

Weight - 5980 grams (5.98 kg)

Manic applicator

Small pad - size 170 x 210mm

Weight - 455 grams

Maximum magnetic field induction

40 mT or 400 Gauss

guaranteed frequency range

Between 2-72Hz

Impulse waveform


Applicator material

Soft fax leather - Durable and easy to care for

Set comes complete with

Duo Forte Generator - see chart below
Strong carry case
Power adaptor
User guide
Magnetic field tester

Areas this set can treat

Full body - Head - Organs - Hands - Back - Torso

Major benefits

Improve blood circulation and oxygenation

Problems with organs including urinary and reproductive system

Inflammation reduction

See user guide for full details

PEMF therapy can also be used to aid and improve your sex life. We have applicators to help with sexual dysfunction and increasing pleasure for both women and men

Disclaimer: These pages outline how PEMF has helped many people and health issues. This does not prove that others would have the same results. Our products are designed to promote health and wellness and not to diagnose, treat or prevent specific medical conditions, for which you should see a doctor or health care professional. This information has not been evaluated by the US FDA or UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency. While we try to keep it up to date and correct, we give no guarantees of any kind about its completeness, accuracy, or suitability.

Nice care and its employees have no formal medical training or qualifications. We will advise you with regards to how PEMF therapy could help you and explain how it has helped others. We do not offer medical advice or diagnosis. If you are unwell or need medical advice, please consult a doctor or health care professional.

The MHRA have seen all certificates issued by the relevant European safety boards and have raised no objection with regards to the suitability or sale of Renaissance® products in the UK

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