PEMF therapy can enhance sexual pleasure for women and men. There is information on sexual dysfunction and how PEMF therapy can aid and improve your sex life and sexual health.

The natural Blue Pill for women and men
An affective
A safe
An easy to use
Way to enhance your sex life without pharmaceuticals

PEMF therapy is a natural and healthy alternative for stimulation

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PEMF therapy has many health benefits and is considered safe for most people. Please view our contradictions page for exceptions.
Not only can it be a great aid for your sex life and related problems, but it can also help with the reproductive and urinary systems as well

A satisfied sex life leads to better physical and social health

PEMF therapy for women

The key benefits for treating sexual dysfunction

  • Increased stimulation of nerve endings, which are richly interwoven with female genitalia. Improved lubrication of the vagina
  • To achieve orgasm easier and faster even vaginal through intercourse
  • The effects can last 2-3 hours after the application so sexual intercourse doesn’t have to precede immediately
  • Better sexual and reproductive health

Using PEMF therapy to treat sexual dysfunction in women works in a slightly different way. Although there isn’t a Viagra for women there are similar products available that are used to heighten sexual desire and increase libido.

It is important to note that these drugs can only be used before the menopause and have a lot of side effects such as oedema of the nasal mucous membrane or dangerous decrease of blood pressure which can lead to collapse. These should not be used by women with liver or cardiovascular disease, and while pregnant or breast feeding.

It should also be noted that although there is no evidence PEMF therapy can be harmful during pregnancy, it is recommended not to be used.

Hormonal changes that happen during the menopause can impact sexual experience and libido significantly and these issues should be addressed first. PEMF therapy can help with postmenopausal syndrome and more information is available on this by clicking the link.

Many female users of the Renaissance pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy have described an interesting thing after applying the device to the small pelvis area (sitting on the flat applicator), they subsequently achieved orgasm, even vaginal, while having sex with a partner in much easier and faster way. The use of magnetotherapy didn’t even have to immediately precede sexual intercourse, these effects occurred even 2-3 hours after the application.

PEMF therapy has a significant effect on blood circulation. Its effect will increase blood circulation by basically the same mechanism used by the famous “blue pill” – it strengthens the effect of the nitric oxide produced by the body on the walls of the blood vessels, therefore causing vasodilation (widening of blood vessels). Grandly said, pulse magnetotherapy is a sort of “Viagra for women”, but without its unpleasant side effects, such as oedema of the nasal mucous membranes or dangerous decrease of blood pressure with the possibility of collapse.

To aid sexual function in women the Manic applicator is recommended. It is a small flat pad made from soft faux leather.

When this applied to the small of the pelvis (sitting on it) the intense treatment this applicator stimulates the female genitalia.

PEMF therapy can help with the following and more


  • Inflammation of the ovaries and of the fallopian tubes
  • Uterine inflammation and endometritis
  • Inflammation of the vagina and vaginal discharge
  • Cervical erosion
  • Gynaecological surgeries
  • Breast-feeding and lactation failure, along with cracked nipples

The Primo-M

The PRIMO M set also efficiently treats haemorrhoids and prostate issues and is excellent for targeted regeneration of liver, stomach (gastric ulcers), and other internal organs.

PEMF therapy for men

This works in a similar way to Viagra but with none of the side effects.

The key benefits for treating sexual (erectile) dysfunction.

  • Increased blood flow makes erections easier with more sensitivity.
  • It stimulates the parasympathetic nerves that focus on maintaining an erection.
  • Better sexual and reproductive health
  • Safe and easy to use

When applied to the genital area, magnetic therapy significantly improves blood circulation in the respective segment of the body. The result is it is considerably easier for men to maintain an erection.

Increased blood flow makes erections easier with more sensitivity. PEMF therapy promotes general wellbeing. It stimulates the parasympathetic nerves that focus on maintaining an erection.

PEMF therapy is a natural and non-invasive alternative to Viagra. It is proven to work in clinical trials and has none of the side effects that can happen when taking products like Viagra.

These side effects of Viagra can include but not limited to headache, vision problems such as decrease of loss of vision, allergic reaction.

Viagra can also lower blood pressure and felling faint or collapse is possible. Cardiovascular problems such as heart attack, stroke and irregular heartbeat are possible but mainly happen in men with heart disease.

Studies and clinical trials – Impulse magnetic-field therapy for erectile dysfunction: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study

In the active-treatment group, all efficacy endpoints were significantly improved at study end with 80% reporting increases in intensity and duration of erection, frequency of genital warmth, and general well-being. The remaining 20%, who experienced minor improvements, were found to have an influenza-like infection after the study that may have influenced their results.  – Magnetic stimulation of the cavernous nerve for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in humans

Magnetic field stimulation led to gradual increase in length and diameter of the penis until full erection was achieved; the penis became firm, rigid and pulsatile. The intracorporeal pressure increased significantly at full erection.

This studies shows how PEMF therapy can be used to treat erectile dysfunction in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) – AC pulsed electromagnetic fields-induced sexual arousal and penile erections in Parkinson’s disease.

In addition, since the right hemisphere is dominant for sexual activity, partly because of a dopaminergic bias of this hemisphere, these findings suggest that right hemispheric activation in response to administration of AC pulsed EMFs was associated in these patient with improved sexual functions.

To treat erectile (sexual) dysfunction the recommended PEMF therapy applicator is the Cavo

The perfect package for him. This contains the circular Cavo applicator which generates homogenous magnetic field like a 3D effect and placed over the genitals will increase blood flow and aid erectile dysfunction.

The Primo-C

The PRIMO C set, which includes a CAVO applicator is an efficient alternative to treat a number of dysfunctions in musculoskeletal system, especially joints. Other uses include treating tinnitus, eye problems and the immune system.

If you are suffering with sexual dysfunction or any other health problems we have other PEMF therapy sets that might be for you!

If you have any questions regarding PEMF therapy, please get in touch

The Anelli set

The couples package. The contains a circular applicator for him and a small flat applicator for her. The controller that powers all the PEMF therapy devices has two outputs meaning you can run two programs at once

ANELLI set is an ideal choice for travellers who always want to have a magnetic therapy device at hand. ANELLI set combines the assets of a small circular CAVO applicator and a small flat MANIC applicator.
The size of MANIC applicator makes it possible for it to generate a strong magnetic field and the applicator is therefore an excellent choice for pain relief.

In contrast, a CAVO applicator creates a homogeneous magnetic field that penetrates the whole depth of the tissue being treated.

The Siecco set

This set can be used when libido is low, this can happen for many reasons. It has a full-length bed applicator which increase blood circulation and oxygenation through the whole body. This will aid relaxation and benefit many health problems that can be the cause of sexual problems.

The SIECCO PEMF therapy set includes pemf mat – a large bed CASSO applicator and a small flat MANIC applicator.

The size of the CASSO applicator predestines it for overall regeneration. Placed on it one can use healing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and blood circulation improvement effects of its low-frequency pulse magnetic field literally from the head to the toe.

CASSO is designed to generate an evenly distributed magnetic field across the applicator area, which provides sufficient treatment to every part of your body.

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