Tinnitus and PEMF

What is tinnitus and how can PEMF therapy help?  An unpleasant condition characterized by patients hearing sounds (ringing, roaring, clicking) when no external sound is present. The disease may have a variety of causes.

PEMF therapy is among the treatment methods that prove the most successful in treating this diagnosis. It significantly increases blood flow to the inner ear area, promoting repair of damaged nerve tissues. The result is reduced or eliminated tinnitus as well as considerable improvement in hearing. If treatment is long-term and regular (at least once daily), up to nine in ten patients will experience significant improvement.

For treating tinnitus Renaissance recommend the: Primo-C set

Tinnitus has a Pre-set program on the Duo Forte generator

Program run time: 40 minutes

Treatment duration: Has to be long term depending on severity, daily use for a  is recommended and the condition will improve

Program frequency range: 16Hz for 10 minutes – 22-26 Hz there and back over 5 seconds for 20 minutes – 36 Hz for 10 minutes

Read, relax, or even watch TV while the program is running. You can safely use your electronic devices while the program is running.

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The Primo-C PEMF set by Renaissance for treating tinnitus

The Cavo is one of the most universal applicators and can be used to treat a huge number of conditions. It generates homogenous magnetic field with an effective range of approximately 30-40 cm.

Other uses for this set include, Migraine, joint arthritis, immunity boost, eye infections, glaucoma and gout.

PRIMO C set, which includes a CAVO applicator is an efficient alternative to treat a number of dysfunctions in musculoskeletal system, especially joints.

Set Primo-C set includes:

  • a circular applicator CAVO, diameter: 260mm
  • a two-output pulse generator DUO FORTE
  • power supply
  • a magnetic field tester
  • a user’s manual, information, and picture guide
  • a quality case to safely store and transport the device

Clinical studies on the use of PEMF therapy to treat tinnitus

Please read both these clinical trials that are available online from the National Institute of Health (NIH)

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16419692/  Pulsed magnetic-field therapy: a new concept to treat tinnitus 2005

https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1365-2273.1993.tb00847.x Electromagnetic stimulation as a treatment of tinnitus 1993

The Korean study

The use of PEMF therapy/rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) in treating tinnitus has shown to be very beneficial.
This can be seen a Korean study from 2013. Bear in mind the advances in PEMF therapy have come a long way in the last 10 years.
There was no statistical difference in the tinnitus handicap inventory (THI) score before and after sham stimulation.
However, after 5 replications of real rTMS there was statistically significant reduction in THI score. Eight patients showed a decrease of more than 10 in THI score.
Patients who showed a vast change in THI score after rTMS also showed a large decrease in their visual analog scale (VAS) score.
PEMF therapy and rTMS are similar. rTMS treatments tend to happen in clinic settings. The machines can be more powerful but a perfect diagnosis is necessary as the treatment has to be directed perfectly, PEMF therapy on the other hand is more gentle, easy to use at home and treats a larger area without the need to be too specific

Inflammatory diseases of the middle ear (otitis media)

PEMF therapy relieves pain and reduces inflammation. It also promotes blood flow, resulting in better drug penetration to the affected tissues. Additionally, magnetic therapy prevents the condition from becoming chronic and shortens treatment and recovery time

Infection of the middle ear area can be the result of a cold, respiratory infection or even sore throat. It can occur very quickly and present as ear pain in both adults and children.

It is also possible that using hearing aids that have not been cleansed properly could cause otitis media.

There is a pre-set program on the Duo Forte generator for middle ear infection.

Lines of the magnetic field created by the Cavo applicator. With a guaranteed frequency range of 2 -27 Hz and a Maximum magnetic field induction 40 mT or 400 Gauss

How does PEMF therapy work? PEMF therapy works on a cellular level repairing and regenerating damaged cells. PEMF therapy is safe. The Duo Forte generator that comes with every set has over 100 pre-set programs including pre-sets for tinnitus, inner ear infections and migraines.

The Cavo applicator produces a homogeneous magnetic field in a hollow coil and ensures the entire tissue depth at application point regenerates.

PEMF therapy has been shown to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus with regular daily use. The international tinnitus journal published a research paper in 2005 (vol 1) highlighting the positive results that were recorded, in some case improvement was noted in just 5 days of use. Nice Care have also read research papers and case studies conducted by Renaissance, the manufacturer of the PEMF therpay devices that we sell, all proving positive findings and results.

PEMF therapy is a safe drug free treatment. PEMF therapy is a non-evasive treatment with out pharmaceuticals. Depending on the level of the problem noticeable results could take time but results in most cases will come. Nice care supply PEMF therapy devices in the UK and to Europe.

The British Tinnitus association estimate over 7 million people in the UK suffer with tinnitus in varying degrees. Could PEMF help treat tinnitus? With so many experiencing tinnitus this explain the problems people have getting treated. They go on to say that its members regular complain about long waits and dissatisfaction with audiology and ENT services. In addition, the burden on the NHS and wider UK economy is even greater than we previously thought, which also adds to delay in getting treated.

Persistence is the key to successful results using PEMF therapy

The problem is many treatments involve pharmaceuticals which only mask the problem or the use of hearing aids which in some cases are necessary due to hearing loss. These allow for being outside and to block out background noise but again do not fix the problem. White noise tracks can provide a audio distraction but still not addressing the problem or finding a long term solution.

PRIMO C set, which includes a CAVO applicator, is also an efficient alternative to treat a number of dysfunctions in musculoskeletal system, especially joints, tinnitus, ear infections and migraine.

“Remember postage is free and we have a 30-day money back guarantee. See terms and conditions for full details”.

Depending on how long you have had tinnitus and hearing problems may determine how quickly reduction and improvement in tinnitus symptoms are noticeable. The sooner you start treatment with PEMF therapy the better the chances of having lasting improvement are. This is not to say if a patient has suffered with tinnitus for over 30 years, they will have no benefit from PEMF therapy, but it could take much longer than someone who’s symptoms have been recently diagnosed.

PEMF therapy is non evasive and gentle on your body. Results may take time but in most cases they will come.

A short presentation from Nice Care that hopefully addressing the question, does PEMF therapy work? A non-evasive treatment without pharmaceuticals that naturally heals the body.

Labyrinthitis left me with hearing loss and bad tinnitus. After 3 months of using the Cavo applicator every day the improvement has been incredible. I still have days where the tinnitus is audible but it has been reduced to point I never thought was possible

Mrs V from London

PEMF therapy has been proven to help with the following

  • Pain relief including arthritis, headache and migraine, toothache and much more

  • Improved sleep
  • Oxygenation of the blood stream and better circulation
  • Reduced stress and aid relaxation
  • A boosted immune system
  • Recovery from injury and operations

PEMF therapy is an innovation in healing technology. You may be unfamiliar with PEMF therapy but it is a healing process you can believe in!

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