PEMF Therapy: A Promising Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that affects millions of people worldwide. It is a form of dementia that gradually worsens over time.

The disease is caused by the death of neurons and the disruption of connections between neurons, primarily in the cerebral cortex. The accumulation of pathological proteins in the intercellular spaces is also a contributing factor.

Although the cause of Alzheimer’s disease is unknown, it is believed that a neurotransmitter production disorder combined with other factors is a significant influence.

Fortunately, there is a promising treatment that can help decelerate the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and improve cognitive functions and memory. This treatment is known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy.

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF therapy involves the use of low-frequency electromagnetic waves to stimulate and heal the body. The therapy has been used for various conditions, including pain relief, bone healing, and depression. It works by sending a series of electromagnetic pulses through the body, which in turn, triggers cellular repair and regeneration.

Alzheimer’s disease

What is Alzheimer’s disease?

A chronic neurodegenerative disease affecting the brain. Dementia, which gradually worsens, is caused by neuron death, disruption of connections between neurons primarily, though not only, in the cerebral cortex, and toxic build-up of pathological proteins in the intercellular spaces. While the cause remains unknown, it is presumed that a neurotransmitter production disorder combined with other factors is of influence.

How can PEMF therapy help?

PEMF therapy decelerates the progression of the disease significantly as well as improves cognitive functions and memory. Additionally, it treats speech impediments, disorientation in time and space, and changes in behaviour and mood.

For treating Alzheimer’s disease. Renaissance recommend the: Viva set

Alzheimer’s disease. has a Pre-set program on the Duo Forte generator

Program run time: 45 minutes

Treatment duration: Daily use for is recommended for this condition

Program frequency range: 28+45+70 Hz each for 15+15+15 minutes

PEMF Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies have shown that PEMF therapy can significantly improve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

The therapy has been found to reduce the accumulation of pathological proteins in the brain, which is a key factor in the progression of the disease. It has also been shown to improve cognitive functions, memory, and speech impediments. Additionally, it can help with disorientation in time and space, and changes in behavior and mood.

PEMF therapy works by stimulating the production of neurotransmitters, which are essential for healthy brain function. By doing so, it helps to protect and regenerate neurons, thus slowing down the progression of the disease.


Alzheimer’s disease is a debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide.

While there is no cure for the disease, there are promising treatments that can help slow down its progression and improve symptoms.

PEMF therapy is one such treatment that has shown significant promise in treating Alzheimer’s disease. By stimulating the production of neurotransmitters and triggering cellular repair and regeneration, PEMF therapy can improve cognitive functions and memory, reduce the accumulation of pathological proteins in the brain, and alleviate speech impediments, disorientation, and changes in behavior and mood.

If you or a loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, PEMF therapy may be a viable treatment option to consider.

Using two PEMF applicators to treat head and spinal injuries

Pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy for those who are not familiar with it, is a gentle and non-evasive healing treatment used to repair and rebuild old and damaged cells. Targeting a specific condition will bring around improvement in most patients. Because it is non evasive and without pharmaceuticals results can take time, but they will come.

VIVA set includes:

• a four-piece applicator LETTINO, dimensions: 310 x 1,010 mm
• a circular applicator CAVO, diameter: 260 mm
• a two-output Duo Forte pulse generator
• power supply
• a magnetic fi eld tester
• a user’s manual, information and picture guide
• a quality case to safely store and transport the device

The size of a LETTINO applicator covers the whole spinal area including SI joints and pelvis. This is very important because spine works as a whole. Paradoxical as it may seem, a dysfunctional SI joint may cause headaches or cervical spine issues.

Secure payment – 30 days money back

The following illustrations show the lines of magnetic field produced each applicator.

The guaranteed frequency range is between 2 – 72 Hz with a maximum magnetic field induction of 40 mT of 400 Gauss

The Duo Forte Generator has a pre-set program for Alzheimer’s disease along with many more including general regeneration and pain relief

The Cavo applicator produces a homogeneous magnetic field in a hollow coil and ensures the entire tissue depth at application point regenerates.

We have been using electromagnetic field therapy for family health. After my husband had a stroke, he had problems with blood sugar. PEMF therpay has helped keep this under control along with other health issues

Mr and Mrs J

A demonstration of the Renaissance PEMF therapy sets by the manufacture


PEMF therapy - safe and effective

Decades of research have shown positive results from the use of PEMF therapy.

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