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Over the last couple of weeks mainstream media outlets, television, newspapers, radio etc have been reporting on the rise of heart disease and associated heart problems. So, while Nice Care are putting together a proper page to address this issue, I wanted to outline what we know and how we believe PEMF therapy can help.

The problems associated with heart disease are these. Atrial fibrillation (AF), which is when you have an irregular or rapid heartbeat. With AF there is an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiac problems. There is a wonderful study from 2015 on the NIH Pubmed website which showed PEMF therapy as an effective solution to reversing AF on dogs when applied non evasively across the chest.

Much of how PEMF therapy works is through reduction of inflammation. Two types of heart inflammation that have been in the news a lot are myocarditis and pericarditis, these are inflammation of the heart muscle and inflammation of the pericardium, the fibrous sac surrounding the heart. If you have an infection or injury then inflammation is your body’s natural reaction to protect itself, this can affect the heart muscle itself, the valves and heart lining. The problem is that inflammation in the heart can lead to serious health problems included but not limited to heart failure, irregular heartbeat, and coronary heart disease such as myocardial ischemia and myocardial infraction.

The two most notable studies from 2014 and 2020 both on rodent models show how well PEMF therapy performed to preserve cardiac systolic function, inhibit apoptosis, and trigger postnatal neovascularization in ischemic myocardium.

So, what are the risk factors that show cardiovascular disease could be looming? Being overweight and obesity are big factors, lifestyle in general can be a big contributor to heart disease, poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, etc. Anyone with hypertension (high blood pressure) glucose intolerance, and diabetes also fall into the group with an increased chance of developing cardiovascular disease.

It is interesting to note that PEMF therapy is a recognised tool in helping those with both diabetes and high blood pressure, and that the NIH (National institute of health in America) categorises both these conditions as inflammation. It is almost like, if the original source of inflammation isn’t addressed it will start to cause other areas of the body problems, and in this case, it is the heart that experiences inflammation problems

A 2020 study shown the positive impact of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy on vascular function and blood pressure in hypertensive individuals over a twelve-week period.

Much of heart disease, especially the early stages when it isn’t obvious can be narrowed down to lifestyle. Even then PEMF therapy can play an important role in prevention not just cure. Daily full body treatment sessions improve blood flow and oxygenation and reduce inflammation we didn’t even know was causing us a problem. Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to our health so now is a good time to investigate how PEMF therapy can fit into your life.

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For more information on inflammation look at our page dedicated to inflammation issues

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