Atopic dermatitis

What is Atopic dermatitis ?

Eczema, rashes, and skin damage caused by an allergy; neurodermatitis is a skin disease characterized by intense itching and the presence of affected areas (with clear border) which are densely covered by blisters.

How can PEMF therapy help?

Magnetic therapy is to be applied to the affected area as well as the portion of the spine where the respective supplying nerve originates, resulting in subsidence of swelling, alleviation of pain (if any), acceleration of healing, and shortening of the amount of time necessary for a patient to recover. Be aware

Renaissance recommend treating Atopic dermatits with the Anelli set, this will target the effected area and can also be used to boost the immune system

Treatment time is 40 minutes, and it would be preferable to use twice daily until symptoms have gone

Dermatitis is a non-contagious inflammatory skin condition which effects people of all ages. It is considered a chronic condition that can come and go causing itchy, dry skin that can eventually bleed or weep.

Using PEMF therapy to treat skin problems such as atopic eczema and dermatitis should have an immediate effect. All our sets come with the Duo Forte generator which has a pre-set program from atopic eczema along with many more. PEMF therapy is well know for its immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it the perfect choice for treating conditions.

Pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy for those who are not familiar with it, is a gentle and non-evasive healing treatment used to repair and rebuild old and damaged cells. Targeting a specific condition will bring around improvement in most patients. Because it is non evasive and without pharmaceuticals results can take time, but they will come. In the case of Atopic dermatits results should be noticable after just a few treatments.

Anelli set includes:

• a flat applicator MANIC, dimensions: 170 x 210mm
• a circular applicator CAVO, diameter: 260 mm
• a two-output Duo2 pulse generator
• power supply
• a magnetic field tester
• a user’s manual, information and picture guide
• a quality case to safely store and transport the device

This is a magnetic therapy set that includes a smallpad applicator Manic and a circular applicator CAVO.

The size of MANIC applicator makes it possible for it to generate a strong magnetic field and the applicator is therefore an excellent choice for pain relief.

The following illustrations show the lines of magnetic field produced each applicator.

The guaranteed frequency range is between 2 – 72 Hz with a maximum magnetic field induction of 40 mT or 400 Gauss

The Cavo applicator produces a homogeneous magnetic field in a hollow coil and ensures the entire tissue depth at application point regenerates.

A demonstration of the Renaissance PEMF therapy sets by the manufacture

PEMF therapy - safe and effective

Decades of research have shown positive results from the use of PEMF therapy.

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