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PEMF therapy is an effective way to prevent and treat many illnesses and medical conditions without pharmaceuticals

Many illness and medical complaints are characterised by pain and inflammation.

In the case of infertility there are times when inflammation is thought to be a cause of this problem.

Multiple studies show that the key benefits of PEMF therapy are to reduce inflammation and pain without medication although in most cases PEMF therapy can complement any medication and treatment.

Infertility would be described as not being able to get pregnant after a period (up to 1 year) and is a problem of the reproductive system. Many health institutes lower this time frame if the women are over 35. This is the same with men over 40 who may be less fertile than their younger counterparts.

Becoming pregnant is a process of many steps and a whole range of things can prevent this from happening. Women who get pregnant but are unable to stay pregnant may also be infertile. About 1 in 10 women have difficulty getting and staying pregnant but data suggest this problem is split between both men and women equally with a third of cases caused by men and women and the last third of unknown causes.

So, can PEMF therapy help? The information below is from the manufacture of Renaissance devices and through their research they believe the answer for some couples is yes. We have also quoted some online studies that are considered inconclusive but with a bias towards PEMF therapy making a positive difference especially when combined with other treatments

Caution – Magnetic therapy is only to be applied when a woman is not bleeding. The magnetic field increases blood circulation in tissues which may, in some cases, exacerbate this.

Infertility (reproductive system diseases)

  • Causes vary, ranging from inflammation of the ovaries, adhesions formed around the fallopian tubes, irregular menstruation, uterus which is too small or whose mobility is compromised, pelvic adhesive disease, to swelling in the lower pelvic area.

PEMF therapy normalizes menstruation and promotes better blood supply to the lower pelvic region. The result is improvement in hormonal parameters as well as increased chances of conception.

Renaissance recommend the Casso and Manic applicators found in the Siecco set

The Duo Forte Generator (the controller that comes with every set) has a specific setting for infertility

With a maximum magnetic fired induction of 40mT or 400 Gauss this system has the power to deliver results

Ozone with PEMF, both of which are known to have vasodilatatory, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant actions, were successful in improving the thickness of the endometrial lining in all 3 patients. Two out of 3 patients became pregnant following single embryo transfer.

When combined with other treatments PEMF therapy is shown to improve fertility. Larger studies are needed to validate this theory.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) success rate was 77% in extremely low frequency- pulsed electromagnetic field (ELFPEMF) for exposed group (experimental), whereas the rate was 68% for control group.

The results of this next study were considered inconclusive even though the control group had an improved fertilization success rate. Again, larder studies are suggested to test this hypothesis.

The Siecco PEMF set from Renaissance® contains a full length PEMF mat for complete body treatments and the small Manic applicator for targeted application for regeneration of organs, smaller joints, and cervical spine. The Manic can also be used to treat urinary and reproductive system problems as well.

Siecco set

The Siecco set is currently on sale

The size of a CASSO applicator makes it an ideal choice for whole body regeneration. This is the largest “bed-type” applicator. It is suitable for whole body regeneration.
Enjoy the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and blood circulation enhancing effects of this low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy device from head to toe.

This magnetic therapy set includes a large “bed-type” applicator CASSO
and a small flat applicator MANIC.

Click to find out more or buy

The Casso is a full-length applicator that provides treatment from head to toe.  You can also wrap the Casso around the body to create an intense treatment to the torso, abdomen and hips.

The Casso Applicator

This shows the lines of magnetic field produced by the Casso applicator.

It allows for increased blood flow through the whole body

The Manic applicator - Click to expand

This shows the lines of magnetic field produced by the Manic. The Manic produces a very intense magnetic field and is perfect for targeted application.

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field. Devices and equipment that use PEMF technology send out electromagnetic waves at different frequencies to stimulate and encourage the body’s natural recovery and healing process. Depending on the area of the body and what the process is treating, depends on the frequency range.

Put simply the human body is made of trillions of cells, cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. The cells in body are continually vibrating but when they become old or damaged this movement slows down and the ability to function properly is reduced. The electromagnetic field produced by PEMF therapy stimulates cells and encourages the Vibration in them to speed up. In turn the body feeds the cells nutrients and the cells are repaired.

One of the greatest advantages of magnetotherapy is that it is natural, and therefore not addictive, unlike many pharmacological treatments

Pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy is successfully used in fields such as internal medicine, orthopaedics, sports medicine, balneology, rehabilitation, paediatrics, geriatrics, dermatology, neurology, dentistry, urology, and in veterinary medicine. PEMF for tinnitus relief, PEMF for pain reduction and fibromyalgia. PEMF therapy to relieve arthritis and gout symptoms. Nice care Sell PEMF therapy in the UK

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Disclaimer: These pages outline how PEMF has helped many people and health issues. This does not prove that others would have the same results. Our products are designed to promote health and wellness and not to diagnose, treat or prevent specific medical conditions, for which you should see a doctor or health care professional. This information has not been evaluated by the US FDA or UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency. While we try to keep it up to date and correct, we give no guarantees of any kind about its completeness, accuracy, or suitability.

Nice care and its employees have no formal medical training or qualifications. We will advise you with regards to how PEMF therapy could help you and explain how it has helped others. We do not offer medical advice or diagnosis. If you are unwell or need medical advice, please consult a doctor or health care professional.

The MHRA have seen all certificates issued by the relevant European safety boards and have raised no objection with regards to the suitability or sale of Renaissance® products in the UK

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