Applicator Viera


VIERA applicator description and use:
This is a large circular applicator with a diameter of 65 centimetres. It is primarily suitable for professional spa and physical medicine/rehabilitation facilities as well as physiotherapists’ offices and, last but not the least, healthcare providing homes and day-care centres for elderly and disabled people. This applicator makes it possible for a patient to be placed inside a homogeneous (same-current) pulsed magnetic field that evenly penetrates the entire depth of the tissues being treated. The applicator’s regenerating, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects are fully indicated in patients suffering from arthrosis in hip and knee joints, rheumatoid arthritis, backache regardless of origin, osteoporosis and a number of other diseases. While pulsed magnetic therapy is an efficient treatment method to fight all the foregoing diseases, it is especially recommended to treat osteoporosis, a disease whose riskiest symptom is decreased bone density.

Viera applicator parameters:

  • circular shape
  • weight of 9.2 kilograms
  • diameter: 650mm

The Duo Forte Generator (the controller) is included with the applicator!

Body areas Viera applicator is the most suitable for:

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