We are what we drink.

We are what we eat is a true statement for many but who amongst us think about what we drink?

Using PEMF’s to harmonise our drinking water at the same frequencies that are used to heal the body could in essence make our water happy. This idea may sound a little crazy but stick with me while I unroll this concept.

The saying “we can survive 3 weeks without food but only 3 days without water” shows the importance of getting enough to drink… And considering the average person is about 60% water we need to stay topped up.

There are things we are all familiar with that can improve the quality of the water that comes out of our taps. Filters, reverse osmosis, and some will stick with shop bought bottled mineral water, these are all good in removing some chemical impurities, but could we go a step further and make our water emotionally healthy before we drink it, kind of like free-range eggs or organic grown vegetables?

You may be confused and scared at this point and thinking I’ve gone a bit crazy, but bear with me.

The Cavo applicator found in Nice Cares Primo-C set creates a homogenise field that can be used to positively charge water in a carafe. The frequencies used to heal the body can positively influence the water and in essence focus the water to benefit us once we drink it.

The Cavo applicator found in Nice Cares Primo-C set creates a homogenise field that can be used to positively charge water in a carafe. The frequencies used to heal the body can positively influence the water and in essence focus the water to benefit us once drunk.

A Japanese scientist, Dr Masaru Emoto, the most important water researcher in the world (before his death in 2014) who spent 20 years studying and the idea that the physical realm can be influenced by our thoughts and intentions provided scientific evidence that the molecular structure of water transforms when it is exposed to sounds, human words, thoughts, and intentions.

Using magnetic resonance analysis and high-speed photographs he was able to demonstrate images of crystals after the water had been exposed to different messages.

In his book he was able to show that water exposed to compassionate and loving human messages and interactions resulted in aesthetically pleasing molecular formations. Conversely, water that was exposed to negative and hateful messages resulted in disfigured and unpleasing formations.

This was also shown with music. Music is essentially vibration with different frequencies. Water that was studied after having Mozart’s symphony number 10 played to it resulted again in very pleasing molecule formations of water crystal, on the other hand water that had been played heavy metal produced distorted and ugly crystalline formations.

So, vibration and frequency can have an impact on water depending on the context. This is interesting because pulsed electromagnetic field therapy uses waves of energy set at specific frequencies to heal the body

Let me explain crystalline water…


Ice is a crystalline form of water. But research has been completed showing water has a second crystalline form, a liquid crystal.


In a liquid crystalline form, the water molecules remain mobile, but they tend to move together, like a school of fish. This is described as structured water or organized water, hexagonal water, and liquid crystalline water. Liquid crystals are a unique phase of matter. Like solid crystals, the repeating pattern provides an efficient pathway for the smooth flow of energetic information. Just like solid crystals Liquid crystals store and transmit information, yet they are flexible and many times more responsive.

When we expose our bodies to pulsed electromagnetic fields, we energise our cells into working more efficiently, reducing pain and inflammation and starting a process of regeneration and healing. If we can transfer this same energy into the water we drink, the fluid that makes up sixty percent of our entire being, a liquid that not only refreshes us but also has a secret message that it communicates to our body to get well, be better and be stronger then we can solve our health and wellness problems in more than one way.

It is recommended to have no more than three PEMF therapy sessions in one day, any more holds no benefit and although not physically detrimental may slow down the healing process, but if the same healing message is getting in our cells through the water we drink another healing process is being triggered and recovery could be accelerated.

So it turns out that plain old water actually has some character, so if we show it love it will return the compliment. Almost like a training partner we are there to encourage each other, If we focus positively on the water we drink before it enters the body then it in turn will match that focus once inside.

Our everyday activities should be channelled into our wellbeing from the food we eat and the exercise we take and the preparation of the one thing that allows for life itself, water. Maybe with a few electromagnetic fields we can turn that into something our cells crave and desire.

Thanks for taking the time to we are what we drink.

Remember, keep moving, keep strong and keep hydrated